Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Valance Update

While making Corin's bed yesterday I glanced up and decided if we were going to go the "Big Boy Room" route then there was some more updating that was needed. Especially in the form of a new valance to replace this one...

The animal valance came with the crib set we got three years ago and while it's cute, cartoon giraffes and monkeys don't really go with dinosaurs and hot wheel tracks. I decided an update was needed and I just so happened to have this blue pinstripe curtains.

I have 4 panels, the other two will probably go on his window?? In the mean time I used two of the panels for this update. First I laid them out on the floor and placed the old valance on top.

Then I marked the curtain I was cutting 3 inches below the old one. I wanted this new valance to hang lower then the old one to hide the shelves in the top of the closet.

Next I cut along the line I made and laid it on top of the second panel and cut that one to length.

After everything was cut to length I lined up the edge I was sewing together and pinned it.

 After they were joined together I rolled up the hem and sewed it. I like to fold it up and iron it flat, I find that it's easier to keep a straight seam that way.

When it was done I just replaced the old one using the same curtain rod...

...Much better!!

On a side note you can also do this project without a sewing machine or thread for that matter. There is this awesome tape called stitch witchery, or something like that, you just place it inside the seam and iron it. When the tape gets hot it melts and binds everything together. I like it, but I have just as easy a time with my machine. I'm planning on making some faux roman shades for the kitchen sometime in the near future and I'll probably use the iron tape for that, so stay tuned!

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