Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hey Girl V-Day Challenge!

This year, now that I'm a blogger, I can participate in this renowned meme event. Without further ado...

Over at Decor and The Dog there is a Hey girl V-day challenge for the husbands of blogging women out there. These are for you babe!

This is 8 years ago when we were freshly into out twenties...look at the baby face!

Don't you always honey...don't you always?

And finally in honor of a "quick trip" last week...

Happy Valentines Day babe!! 
I wouldn't make it through all this DIY without you!!


  1. Lol, basket shopping is intense at this time of year!


    1. Hobby Lobby has way too many choices and when they're doing the 50% off...he's lucky it was only two!