Saturday, February 9, 2013

The First Post

Here I am... jumping on the band wagon of DIYers and bloggers posting pictures of their projects on the inter-web  I've been going back and forth since my son was born, three years ago, about whether I wanted to start this sort of project. His first year was spent deciding if a Mommy Blog would be a good outlet for chronicling being a stay at home mother of a newborn. I decided it was to much of a commitment and when he turned 9 months I started a bakery instead. HA!

Seriously...I thought I'd have time to blog

The second year found me running a business while juggling a 2 year old, school, a home, a husband, and an idea for a food blog; I scratched the blog idea.

Now at the end of year three I am home with my toddler again full time, an Indiana Graduate, and starting a new career on March 1st in the hospitality industry, and once again thinking about a blog. Third try is the charm, right?

2013...the year of the Blog

So without further ado...drum roll and spot light fade in...May I present a new blog for your reading pleasure...


I am an avid Do It Yourselfer, and was born into a family of them. I spent the first 20 years of my life with a mother who rewired an entire 100 year old house, taught me to roll paint at the tender age of 5, and can swing a framing hammer with the best of them. I have a father who can build anything in his machining/wood working shop, taught me that I didn't need a man to do it for me, and smiled with pride when I asked my brand new husband for a 18V cordless Dewalt drill and drill set on our first Christmas together. I have a brother too and he has some mad skills with a jig saw, but his calling is Electrical Engineering at Purdue. What a Geek...

So, like I said, 20+ years growing up in a perpetual house of projects it only made sense that my house become one when I married Ryan and we bought a 1932 bungalow in 2008. It was 1000 square feet of taupe inside and out.

In all her glory...we didn't even have a landscaping
So there she is in all her beauty! Granted 4 years later 730 doesn't look like this anymore, but that's what this blog is for. While I'm a fan of structural projects I am more a fan of short term projects...say under 6 weeks, and preferably 2. And there are some that are a MUST TRY.

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